Who We Are

Hi there! We’re Escality, a VR and AR games studio, and we believe in having fun. Our goal is to delight players and really just get them to have a blast, especially with cool tech. We believe that VR and AR will change the way we experience the world, just as the internet and smartphone revolutions did. There are just so many creative and fun things that haven’t been explored with this technology.

A year ago, we came together as a small group of college students who just wanted to make a game. Now, we’re creating a magical VR escape room, as well as an AR scavenger hunt for a private event! We’re also now alumni of the Startup UCLA Accelerator. It feels like we’ve come a long way, but we’re just getting started.

At Escality, we believe in changing your perspective.
We want to show you another world.
We dare you to escape… reality.

Virtual hugs,
Team Escality

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